Flowing Boundaries

Outdoor Area
Kirgate Market

How to spaces that juxtapose each other live within the same boundaries?

The answer to me was NOISE. Noise in the form of a waterfall that separates to
programs and enables them to coexists together in an abstract way to see a
wall… made of water

Flowing boundaries is the final project of my first year.

The brief called for two programs that could share the same space, with a connection with a previous project titled Unexpected Exchange.

Conceptual approach:

A member of staff with the staff at Kirkgate Market mentioned the need for space
where all the guilds could come and discuss problems and arrangements around
the market.

The first idea was born from this interview.
The second idea was born from the desire for a place of peace in the busy environment of the City of
Leeds and so I garden became the second program.

Below I experiment with different paths of for the water:

– Final decisions –

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